Sun Company Lifelight Animal Carabiner Flashlight | Animal Keychain Lights (Shark)

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Product Overview

  • SUPER BRIGHT WHITE LED - Press down on the button on the back of Lifelight and the mouth opens to illuminate the night!

  • HAND PAINTED AND RUBBER COATED - Rubber coating makes these little guys extremely durable.

  • BATTERIES INCLUDED - Includes #LR1120 batteries (already installed). Batteries are replaceable.

  • HANDY CARABINER TAIL - Clip Lifelight onto your backpack, keychain, stethoscope... Anywhere you need some extra light!

  • Color : Shark

  • Size : One Size

Style:Shark Super bright white LED. Push fin on back, mouth opens and illuminates the night. Hand painted and rubber coated for realistic feel. Batteries included. Ages 6 and up. Includes carabiner tail.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review